Tri-Bridge improves organizational communication by focussing presenters on what their core message is, and communicating that message quickly and effectively. Through workshops, coaching and developing corporate presentations, Tri-Bridge helps the entire organization clarify and improve communication. Tri-Bridge works directly with presenters to organize content, create message-oriented slides, and deliver an engaging, persuasive presentation.

Get to the Message! Presentation Workshop with TorchMetrics 

Get to the Message© presentation training is a one- or two-day boot camp, complete with pre-work including TorchMetrics© - an innovative online presentation feedback and coaching system. Workshop participants enjoy use of Torchmetrics for six months. Torchmetrics becomes the presenter’s customized speaking coach.

Customized to Participants and the Company

  • Customized company slide designs
  • Practice with real-world presentations
  • Receive a personalized action plan
  • Can be focussed on specific presentation opportunities (annual meetings, retreats, etc)
  • Use TorchMetrics in pre- and post-training 

Learn how to

  • Manage nervous energy and think clearly
  • Create and maintain audience attention
  • Maximize impact and call to action by decision makers
  • Create professional visuals that support your message
  • Organize and deliver a presentation that clearly conveys and supports your message
  • Deliver effectively to large and small audiences
  • Handle questions and open discussions with ease

Develop, Design, Deliver Process of Presenting

Develop: Participants learn to logically organize content with time-saving customized formats and create executive summaries that capture the essence of their message.

Design: Participants practice creating or redoing a presentation that includes professionally designed slides.

Deliver: Participants learn how to present with confidence and clarity in a variety of formal and informal situations.

Customized Solutions

  • We take several of your company slides and redo them so participants can actually see “before” and “after” company examples.
  • We create professional-looking slides using your company template for you to use in the future. Participants save hours trying to create message-oriented slides.
  • We provide executive summary examples for all your different types of work presentations, from formal upper-level management meetings to roundtable project updates.

Coaching for a Transforming Change

  • Before the workshop: Participants use TorchMetrics* to receive feedback on how their colleagues and boss perceive their presentation skill behaviors. Consequently, participants begin the workshop knowing what behaviors they should continue, start or stop.
  • During the workshop: The just-in-time feedback enables every person to try a new behavior in the middle of their presentation. Feedback can include such coaching as “speak louder,” “look at people on the right side of the room,” “stay on topic,” “stop diving into the details.”
  • After the workshop: Each participant’s customized action plan provides organized and specific feedback on how to achieve success in developing, designing and delivering a presentation.
  • Ongoing coaching: Participants can use TorchMetrics*, including coaching sheets, for six months to continue to receive feedback on their presentation behaviors. They will also receive the monthly Presentation Points bulletin to remind them of effective presentation techniques.


*TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. Effectively it is your own personal speaking coach in the palm of your hand.


Feedback Opportunities Before, During and After the Workshop



Focus on Real-Work Presentations

Participants receive specific feedback on portions of a real presentation. During the workshop they have an opportunity to revise their content and/or slides and present them again. They will get their real work done as they learn. Many participants work on a past presentation that they may give in the future.  Some work on a presentation they have in the next week.  Participants appreciate having the time to work on a real presentation in which they receive specific coaching advice.


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